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Anda iJet SD-900 Dispenser

  • Manufacturer:Anda
    Model: SD-900
    Guarantee: 12 Month
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Increased Dispense Area over SD6 Series for Underfill, Glob Top, Dam & Fill, LED Packaging, Surface Mount Adhesive Dispensing, etc.

iJet-9 Dispensing Fluid System Specifications

Model: SD-900
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 1260 x 1260 x 1380 (mm)
Control Method: Industrial Computer + Motion Controller
CCD Vision Camera: Automatic Calibration & Offset Correction
Motion/Drive System: Servo Motor, Ball Screw, Linear Slides
Max Speed: 1000mm/second
Precision & Repeatability: 0.02mm
Dispensing Range: X=880mm Y=380mm Z=30mm (segmented process X=1200mm)
Number of Dispensing Valves: 1 with optional second Valve
Valve Heating (Viscosity Control): ~80°C ± 3°C
Conveyor Width: 30 – 500mm
Conveyor Transfer Speed: 20m/min
Valve Cleaning System: Vacuum
Programming Mode: Offline or Inline Visual Programming, Gerber File
Incoming Voltage: 
- 220-240VAC Single Phase, 50/60Hz (3 wire);
- 208VAC Split Phase, 60Hz (4 wire);
- 208VAC Three Phase, WYE, 60Hz (5 wire);
Air Pressure: 6 kg/cm²
Power Consumption: 2.4kW
Weight: 760kg
Standards Compliance: CE (European health & safety)


Valves: PS-8500, E-01, JET-16, TDS-10, TDS-25, TDS-40, LG-02
PCB Heater: Zone Heater, Ambient ~ 120°C ± 3°C
Laser Height Measurement: Automatic Laser Height Detection & Z Axis height Calibration
Weight Measurement System: Weight Measurement Accuracy 0.01mg


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