Máy đo kiểm bo mạch cầm tay Emerix TK-1P Emerix TK-1P

TK-1P Portable Troubleshooting Tester

Stand-Alone Unit Tester.

Upload Target Board Image.

Auto Teaching System.

Manual Test Plan which Inputting Specify Point Data to Position

Generate in Digitizing Method.

Auto Test Data Save.

Indication of Suspected Faulty Component Location.

Pass and Fail Alarm System.

21.5 Inch Touch Monitor.

And more of Features are Available.


The Measurement and the Fault are Detect Through EMX VI Impednace 

Based on the Combination of VCF (Voltage, Current and Frequency)


Use a DMM LCR Meter to Check Each Value of Components. 

(Inspect Component of Capacitor, Resistor and Inductance)

Chi tiết

VI Impedance Test
The measurement and the fault are detected through the VI Impedance based on the combination of VCF (Voltage, Current, and Frequency) with no powered applied

DMM Test
Use a DMM LCR meter to check each value of components Such as a capacitors, resistors and inductance


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