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Hãng Kakuhunter-SHASHIN KAGAKU sang thăm EMIN Việt Nam

Ngày 3/8/2018, Ông Yasuaki Baba- Giám đốc điều hành công ty, Giám đốc kỹ thuật, Trưởng phòng kinh doanh hải ngoại.đã sang thăm và giới thiệu sản phẩm nhãn hiệu Kakuhunter.

 On 3/8/2018, Mr.Yasuaki Baba- Company Operation Officer, General Manager of Technical Development, General Manager of Overseas Sales Department visited EMIN Office and introduced Kakuhunter new branded products.

SHASHIN KAGAKU ( is a leading manufacturer of mixer in Japan.

Since 90's, they have been required high accuracy degassing in case of bubble which mixed in when accurate and downsized electronic material was proceeded mixing. They have started development of industrial planetary motion mixer with excellent versatility and durability, which is possible to do accurate mixing and degassing simultaneously in following with customer needs. On 1992, high quality mixing and degassing machine equipped with individual revolution and rotation control system (SNB series, which called now "Kakuhunter") was released newly.


Mixers and degasing system are used in many industrial fields such as electronics, chemicals, energy, cosmetics, medicine, dentistry and other related fields.

The Kakuhunter of Shanshin Kagaku mixers have universal models to specific models which meet individual specifications for 400ml (350g), 1100ml (1kg), 2000ml (2kg) ), 2000ml (3kg).

-  Advanced model equipped with the individual revolution and rotation speed control system

-  Carry out mixing of various materials of low to high viscosity in a short time( tens of seconds to several minutes)

-  Optimum settings enables user to achieve continuous operation. (5 steps)

-  Revolution and rotation can be set individually, so various types of materials can be handled.

- There are no propellers and it does not need to clean the machine. In addition, there is no loss of materials.

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