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Maker-Ray AIS301 Inline PCBA AOI for Solder Joint

  • Manufacturer:Maker-Ray
    Model: AIS301
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 Month
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Category: Item: AIS300 / AIS301

PCBA Spec: - Size: 50 x 50mm – 500 x 480mm  (/  50 x 50mm – 350 x 350mm)

                     - Thickness: 0.3mm-7mm

                     - Component height: Top: 150mm

                                                       Bottom: 25mm

                     - Warping extent: <4mm

Vision System: - Camera: 5MP,Color,CCD

                         - Light: RGB tower light (RGB + W optional)

                         - FOV: 45 x 37 mm

                         - Accuracy: 20um/pixel

Inspection: -  Mounting defect: Missing, Rolling, Shifting, Damage, Skew, Redundant, Foreign matter

                   - Solder defect: Excess, Insufficient, Bridge, No foot, Missing solder, Non-wetting

                   - Additional: Bar code/QR code reading, OCR  

                   - Algorithm: CNN algorithm, Image & color comparison, outline comparison, OCR

                   - Speed: 0.23sec/FOV (/0.2 sec/FOV)

Software: - OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bit

                - Function: Remote control, Gerber file loading, Training tool for new models

Hardware: - PC: CPU: intel i5  (/ CPU: Intel i5)

                           Graphics: Nvida GPU Speed Card  (/  Graphics: Independent Graphics Card)

                           Memory: 12g DDR, 256G SSD  (/  Memory: 12g DDR)

                           Network:1000M wired network card  (/  Storage: 256G SSD)

                 - Display: 22’’ FHD LCD

                 - Motion: High-accurate Linear actuator   (/  High-accurate screw)

                 - Dimension: 1100x1630x1350mm, 800kg  (/  1100 x 1630x1310mm, 600kg)

Else: - Power: AC220V,1000W

         - Air: >0.5Mpa

         - Work Environment: Temperature: 10 ~45`C, Humidity: 30 ~ 85%RH



Defect Type
Core Advantage
Minimalist Programming
Strong Inspection Capability
Quick Inspection Speed
Multi inspection mode
Optional Products-Repair Station
  • Quality Engagement
  • Easy change and return
  • Delivery Avaliable
  • Favorable payment

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