Bộ định vị ngắn mạch nhiều lớp Polar Toneohm 950

Track resistance

Ranges Ω:  200mΩ, 2Ω, 200Ω, 20kΩ

Accuracy:  ±6% in 200mΩ  ±5% in 20kΩ, 2Ω ±4% in 200Ω

Ω range: High sensitivity uncalibrated, approximately 40mΩ full scale

Probe voltage:  60mV maximum

Probe protection: ±30V

Indication: Tone and meter on all ranges

Track Current

Ranges: 200mA, 2A, Trace

Accuracy: 200mA, 2A, ±15%

Trace: Reading proportional to current when UNCALIBRATED illuminates. Reading proportional to detected magnetic field strength

Probe voltage: maximum in 200mA, 2A

Probe protection: ±30V

Indication: Tone and meter on all ranges

Track voltage

Ranges: 2mV, 20mV, 20V

Accuracy: ±4% ±15µV

Input resistance: 120Ω in 2mV, 20mV  1MΩ in 20V

Probe protection: ±30V

Indication: Tone and meter on all ranges

Plane shorts

Indication: Tone, digital display and LED fault direction arrows

Sensitivity: Adjustable to compensate for differing plane resistance

Drive source

Output voltage: 0 to 550mV, adjustable. AC in TRACE, DC in all other modes. Protected to ±30V

Plane stimulus

Output voltage: 550mV maximum

Power req:

230V±10% or 115V±10% @ 50/60Hz, 25VA

Accessories (Description / Part Number)

Needle probes: ACC152

Current trace/drive source probe: ACC114

Plane probe: ACC113

Plane stimulus leads: ACC134

Lightweight headphones: EPM115

Operator manual: MAN129


Graphical repair software: GRS25

Service manual: MAN130

Bare board stimulus leads: ACC231


Conforms to applicable European Directives and is CE marked

Polar Instruments Ltd is certified to ISO 9001

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