Máy kiểm tra Bo mạch PTI PTI-818S

Basic function:

Phase measurement technology

Optocoupler measurement technology

Current measurement technology

Multiple points measurement

Looking for equipotential isolation point automatically

High voltage detecting and discharging technology

Circuits of R,L,C components value measurement

16 input/output GPIO port

Module introduction:

Support xp/win7/win8/win10

Support multiple languages,Automatic identification screen resolution

Multi-report and Multi-board display interface

Perfect of self-test module,automatic testing and Strong self learning ability

AVR Power supply output Products, provided Constant pressure limiting current, Guarantee product.

On site management and remote assistance:
•Test data stored in the enterprise server
•Managers can know produce situation online at any time
•Products efficiency analysis to improve quality
•Connect outer net assist engineer to do PM&RM, improve production efficiency

On site management and remote assistance

System specification:

Test Pin Point:Standard Configuration:256 Point, Max extension 768point or 2048 point
Power Spec:AC100V-120V ,200V-240V/50HZ-60HZ/350
Test Method:Manual press type, manual fixture type, automatic type
Test item :maximum:100,000,Setps
AVR( DC voltage source)0—+/-10V   Precision: 5mV
AVR (DC current source)max:100mA   precision: 10uA-1mA
AVR (AC voltage source)10Hz—1MHz  precision: 1Hz-10Hz
DC voltage test0—+/-100V   precision:3mV-50mV
DC current test10uA—200 mA   precision: 1uA-1mA

Test range and conventional precision:

 L A(10uH—60H)General:1%-5%


DC current(1uA—-1A)(0.5%—5%)
DC voltage(0—100v)(0.5%—3%)
Diode / transistor test16 groups of general GPIO


Open testing TESJET technologyUpdate measurable smaller IC and connector
Frequency testmax 200MHz     precision: 1Hz-50Hz
LED color and light measurement module
Audio analyzerAudio analyzer and Signal to Noise ratio、THD and THD + N analyzer
Support external EPROM, electronic load and oscilloscope.

DUT power module:

1 set High voltage DC constant current power supply:10uA-100mA/100V(MAX)
1set High voltage DC constant voltage power supply:10V-100V/100mA(MAX)
2 sets AVR (voltage source):1-20V, 0.5A-2A,10Watt, current measurement 10uA-2A

(Constant voltage current limiting)

4 sets fixed output power:+12V, -12v ,+5v, +24v /1000mA(MAX)
Supports external AVR:USB/GPIB/COM external AVR

serial test module:

2 sets serial test channel, rate can be up to 1 m
Serial communication protocol:IIC,SPI,UART
Boundary scan function:JATG interface scan and functional test
A 16-bit digital IO port:Vih:0.8-4.6V;Voh:0.1-4.9V


Pneumatic :cylinder bore 100mm,cylinder stroke  200,maximum pressure:470kg/6Bar
Air pressure:4-6kg/cm2,:4Liter/Cycle
Environment: temperature:0℃-40℃,Operating humidity:20%-80%
Size:(Small frame):350mm(L)*280mm(W)*300mm(H)
(MAX frame):520mm(L)*280mm(W)*380mm(H)
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