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Thermaltronics AF-KIT Auto Solder Feeder Kit

  • Manufacturer:Thermaltronics
    Model: AF-KIT
    Guarantee: 12 Month
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Input Line Voltage: 100-240 VAC

Output Line Voltage: 18VDC, 2A

Solder Feed Time: 0 - 3 seconds

Solder Feed Speed: 0 - 14mm/sec

Solder Feed Quantity: 0 - 14mm/sec

Solder Return Quantity: 0 - 14mm/sec

Solder Feed Mode: Single / Continuous

Usable Solder Diameter: Φ0.6, Φ0.65, Φ0.8, Φ1.0, Φ1.2, Φ1.6mm

Size (W x H x D): 150mm x 165mm x 130mm

Weight: 1.5 KG

Input Line Frequency: 50/60 Hz

1AF-KIT-1 for use on TMT-9000S, AF-KIT-2 for use on TMT-5000S, AF-KIT-3 for use on TMT-2000S



TMT-AF100: Auto Solder Feeder

AF-HDL-X2: Handpiece Holder

AF-HPK-X3: Guide Pipe Assembly

AF-NOZ-1: Nozzle Pack

AF-PEDAL-1: Auto Feeder Switch

AF-POWER-1: AC Power Adapter

2AF-HDL-1 for use on TMT-9000S, AF-HDL-2 for use on TMT-5000S, AF-HDL-3 for use on TMT-2000S

3AF-HPK-1 for use on TMT-9000S, AF-HPK-2 for use on TMT-5000S, AF-HPK-3 for use on TMT-2000S

*Soldering Handpiece sold separately in AF-KIT-1,AF-KIT-2, AF-KIT-3. Please see System Configurations in attachment.




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