Robot hàn điện tử Thermaltronics TMT-R8000S


  • 6-Axis Soldering/Dispensing
  • Platform Full vision mapping & Fiducial Marks Laser
  • Height Measurement Curie
  • Heat Technology provides precise temp. control
  • Flux & Solder Paste dispensing
  • Dynamic Compensation for board variance
  • Fume extraction Nitrogen Protection (Optional)


Input Line VoltageTMT-R8000PS100-240 VAC
Servo Motor Axis6 Axis
Camera View290mm x 200mm
PCBA Size Max500mm x 500mm
Soldering Region Max300mm x 300mm
Dynamic Range of ShaftX Axis500mm Standard
Y Axis500mm Standard
Z1, Z2 Axis100mm, 10mm
R Axis+/-180°
Shaft SpeedX, Y Axis0.1 ~ 300 mm/sec
Z Axis0.1 ~ 300 mm/sec
R Axis0.1 ~ 360°/sec
Positioning RepeatabilityX, Y & Z Axis±0.02 mm
R Axis±0.03°
CameraResolution1280 x 1024
Air PressureMax. 6 Bar/ 87 psi
Solder wire diameter range0.3 ~ 1.6 (mm)
ControllerIndustrial Computer w/Custom Software
Ports and connectorsRJ45, USB, COM
Operating SystemWindows 10 Professional
Soldering System120 watts (40 watts RF output)
Curie Heat Technology250C ~ 475C (Tip cartridge pre-defined)
Power Supply100 ~ 240V AC
Power Consumption1 KVA
Dimensions950mm (H) x 640mm (D) x 620mm (W)
Weight70 KG



  • Cam kết chất lượng
  • Bảo hành chính hãng
  • Giao hàng tận nơi
  • Đơn giản hóa giao dịch