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Một năm nữa khép lại, EMIN Group lại cùng nhau họp mặt tại buổi tiệc tất niên, cùng nhìn lại chặng đường một năm đã qua để ghi nhận và biểu dương những đóng góp, đồng thời cùng nhau chào đón năm mới với đầy mục tiêu và hy vọng

In order to summarize business activities in 2022, as well as organizing meetings between all employees and partners, to see the results after 1 year of working, and to get ready for a renewed 2023. EMIN Group organized the "Year-End Party 2022, Welcome New Year 2023". The party took place with the full presence of the Board of Directors and all employees of the company in all three regions: EMIN North - Central - South, EMIN Myanmar and EMIN Singapore. Especially the presence of our valued partners, loyal customers, and families of employees who have always accompanied EMIN during the past year.

With the theme "Gratitude", the Year End Party of EMIN Group is also an opportunity to honor the efforts and dedication of all employees after a year of hard work.
General Director awarded medals and gratitude gifts for Best Sales of EMIN Vietnam
General Director awarded medals and gratitude gifts for Best Sales of EMIN branch
Congratulations to EMIN Vietnam's Best Sales
Honoring the Voted Titles
EMIN Gentleman & Miss Grand EMIN

Master of Acting and Wine King EMIN

Innocent and Creative Thinking titles

Mr. . Jordan holded 2 titles of Active Person and Earth God in the Organization

In addition to the titles named, it is indispensable for a Lucky Draw to see who will be the luckiest this year - The third prize belongs to the administrative personnel department.
The second prize belongs to the Sales Department
And the first prize - Lucky to call the name of the Import-Export department

The party night is also indispensable with cultural performances. The unique feature of EMIN team is the hidden talents in the great EMIN family. Take the guests at the New Year's Eve party through one surprise after another!

1. Liền anh liền chị EMIN Bắc Ninh - Tiết mục mời trầu

2. Vũ Điệu Hồi Xuân - EMIN Hồ Chí Minh

3. Chúc Tết - Tiết mục EMIN Hà Nội

4. Bên Trên Tầng Lầu - Tiết mục EMIN Đà Nẵng

5. Ấu Trùng Tinh Nghịch - Tiết mục EMIN Hà Nội


Some pictures of valued guest at the party
Thank you to the Board of Directors of the Company for creating conditions to organizing the year-end reunion night for EMIN team, so that we can look back on the past year together, prepare mentally for a new year with many challenges ahead.

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