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Unveil the Serial Buses Design - Debug & Troubleshoot Webinar

Webinar organized by Tektronix, on 9:00 am on 13/5/2020. Please register to attend

Serial bus systems are literally everywhere in our society today. Traditionally, parallel buses are widely used for communicating between the devices in micro-controller and DSP-based designs. Today, however, more and more of the building blocks used in design are replacing these wide parallel buses with serial buses due to less power consumption, differential signaling for better noise immunity and fewer pins and therefore, require less board space.

While serial buses provide a number of advantages, they also pose some significant challenges to a designer due simply to the fact that information is being transmitted in a serial fashion rather than parallel. The difficulty lies in extracting information about the protocol itself and in determining the interactions between devices from a long serial stream of data.

Join our webinar to understand the common challenges for serial bus designers and learn how you can overcome them.

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