Máy nghiệm thu hàn dán Vitrox V510i 4.0

Hãng sản xuất: Vitrox

Model: V510i 4.0

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

V510i 4.0 : Advanced Optical Inspection (AOI)

The V510i 4.0 AOI system is a next generation solution for the SMT line, angle view inspection solutions for top-view hidden defects.

PCB Dimension

Minimum PCB Size (L x W): 50x50mm (2”x2”)

Maximum PCB Size (L x W): 620x620mm (24.4”x24.4”)

Upgradable PCB Length Option (L x W): 810x620mm (31.9”x24.4”)

PCB Thickness: 0.5mm-7mm (0.02”-0.28”)

Maximum PCB Weight: Default: 3kg (6.6lb); 7kg (15.4lb)


Top Side of PCB: 50mm (2”)

Bottom Side of PCB: 70mm (2.76”)

Panel Edge: 3.5mm (0.14”)

Maximum PCB Warpage Compensation: ±5mm (0.2")

PCB Transport Height: 856mm - 965mm (33.7”x38”)

System Performances

2D Inspection Functions: Missing, Offset, Skewed, Polarity, Billboard, Tombstone, Lifted/Bent Leads, Excess/Insufficient Solder, Overturn, Bridging, Wrong Part (OCV Marking), Pin Through Hole (Solderability & Pin Detection)

3D Inspection Functions: Package Coplanarity, Lifted Lead (Height Measurement), Foreign Material Detection, Polarity Dimple Measurement

Height Accuracy (Based on ViTrox Calibration Jig): ±2µm

System Hardware

Camera: Top Camera: 12MP CoaXPress Camera; Angle Camera: 12MP Angle Camera

Optical Resolution & FOV Size: Top Camera Lens Option:

      Default: 15μm telecentric lens @60x45mm

      Option: 13μm telecentric lens @53x39mm

                   8μm telecentric lens @33x25mm

Inspection Speed: 12MP CoaXPress Camera:45-60cm²/sec

3D Technologies: Phase Shift Profilometry’s (PSP) Methodology with 4-way projectors

Lighting Module: Multiple Color, Multiple Angle, Multiple Segment LED Lighting Head, Auto Calibration

Installation Specification 

Width: 1410mm (4.6ft)

Depth: 1500mm (4.9 ft)

Height: 2128mm (7.0ft)

Weight: ~1350 kgs

Electrical Supplies: 100-120 V, 16A/200-240V, 8A Single Phase

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