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ZHUOMAO ZM-MMD-2 New laminating and debubbler machine (touch screen control)

  • Manufacturer:Seamark ZM
    Model: ZM-MMD-2
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Manufacture: ZHUOMAO
Model: ZM-MMD-2
Made in: China
Warranty : 12 months

Available size: 12 inch
Voltage: AC220v/110v 50Hz
Power: 650W
Efficiency: 8 minutes
Dimension size: 45*38*37 cm
Wooden box size: 57*52*59 cm
Net weight: 35KG
Package weight: 50KG


Features and Function

1, Operation with handheld LCD panel .It is easy to program and learn.

2, It can draw points, lines, arc, and circle and, 

even irregular curve by consecutive interpolation and realize any 3D non planar trajectory path.

3, Excellent teaching functions. Support inserting and group editing of array, graphical browsing, 

three dimensional elliptic, common graphical library.

4, MiniSD file storage device with high speed and 2G capacities can store 999 dispensing process documents

5, Glue amount, speed of glue dispensing, injecting time and halting time 

can be set up with parameters

6, With Second special dispensing controller, glue outflow is quite stable 

without leaking and dripping.

7, The function of automatic gel prevention can effectively prevent glue curing 

from jamming needle head.

8, Powerful compatibility with PC. Support importing the popular design software, 

like Auto CAD, Coral Draw. Together with the software Logo shop, 

it can generate and output all kinds of formats file, like NC, .AI, .DXF, .JPG, .BMP, scanner, etc

9, It is suitable for fluid glue, such as UV, AB glue, COB (black glue), white glue, EMI conductive

Glue, silicon, epoxy resin, instant glue, silver glue, red glue, paste, thermal grease, 

welding control paste,

Transparent paint, screw fixative and so on.

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