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Digital MultiMeter Calibration Procedure

**1.Range of application** \- DC Voltage 1000V \- AC Voltage 1000V, Frequency 100kHz \- DC Current 30A \- AC Current 30A, Frequency 10kHz \- Resistor 100

1.Range of application

- DC Voltage 1000V

- AC Voltage 1000V, Frequency 100kHz

- DC Current 30A

- AC Current 30A, Frequency 10kHz

- Resistor 1000MΩ

2. Calibrating techniques

- Outside check

- Technical check

- Measurement check

3. Calibrating instruments

3.1 Standard measuring instrument (s): Multifunction Calibrator (MFC)

Meatest M142 Multifunction Calibrator 15 ppm

- DC Voltage: 0µV - 1000V.

- AC Voltage: 0,1mV - 1000V, Frequency: 20Hz - 100kHz.

- DC Current: 0µA - 30A.

- AC Current: 1µA - 30A, Frequency: 20Hz - 10kHz.

- Resistor: 0 Ω - 1GΩ.

3.2 Auxiliary Instrument(s)

3.2.1 Testo Hygro-Thermometer 608-H1

Testo 608-H1 - Thermal Hygrometer (Part Number 0560 6081) | TEquipment

- Range of Measurement: (0 ÷ 50) °C; Accuracy: ±0,5 °C

- Range of Measurement: (10 ÷ 95) %RH; Accuracy: ±3 %RH

3.2.2 Dedicated Measuring Probe

- Probes with small electromotive force.

4. Conditions for Calibration

- Temperature: (23 ± 5) °C.

- Humidity: no higher than 80% RH.

5. Prepare for Calibration

- Make sure the power supply to the DMM meets the requirements specified in the catalog, the fuses, the protective circuit are still working properly.

- The DMM should be placed in the calibration environment for at least 8 hours.

- MFC and DMM must be turned on and dried for at least 30 minutes prior to calibration.

6. Begin the calibration

a. Outside Check

b. Technical Check

c. Measurement Check

    1. General requirements

    2. Begin the DMM Calibration

        a. DC Voltage

        b. AC Voltage

        c. DC Current

        d. AC Current

        e. Resistor

7. Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation

8. General handling

a. The calibrated DMM is stamped, certified in paper along with calibration results, and measurement uncertainty.

b. The recommended calibration cycle of DMM is 12 months.

For calibration of DMM, click here.

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